Digital internship - XL-Brejnholt

You would join our passionate, international developers cluster based in Højbjerg Aarhus Syd

We have an international, young environment with people from different backgrounds such as Econ, Physics, Software Engineering, Data Science & Business Intelligence all working with data. You can read more about which types of projects you can be a part of on studieportalen.

We expect you to..

…be working toward an MSc or Phd in a quantitative subject such as statistics, maths, physics, data science or economics

…have an excellent academic record. Ideally top 5-10% of your cohord

…have an entrepreneurial spirit, are persistent and not afraid of failure.

…have some experience in working with data. Experience with R/Spark and SQL as well as spreadsheets would be a clear advantage

Proficiency in English is a prerequisite. Knowledge of at least one additional European language would be an advantage too, however, is not required (=Danish is not required).

Apply for the programme through our online application system here

Any questions can be directed to Szabolcs Osvath,

XL-Brejnholt is a family-owned construction materials trading group with annual revenues of  more than DKK 1bn  – of which approximately 70% is B2B.  We are a member of the country-wide marketing-chain XL-BYG, of which we fund approximately 15%.